Laplante-Duggan Fund for aviation safety

Fonds Laplante-Duggan pour la sécurité aérienne

Aviateurs.Québec is proud to announce, following the request of the families of Claude Laplante and James Duggan, the creation of the " Laplante-Duggan Fund for Aviation Safety" .

The creation of this fund on their behalf is very appropriate since Claude Laplante, a founding member of Aviateurs.Québec, and James Duggan have been involved throughout their lives in advancing general aviation in Quebec. Their legacy is substantial and the creation of this fund will continue their work.

A fund entirely dedicated to financing initiatives aimed at aviation safety

Every tragedy reminds us that much can still be done to help pilots fly more safely. This fund will be fully dedicated to funding various initiatives to increase aviation safety. 100% of the donations raised will be used directly to finance the initiatives that will be put forward. Aviateurs.Québec will manage this fund and coordinate initiatives that will be put forward as part of its mission.

What will this fund be used for?

Aviation safety touches on several elements. Basically there are skills and knowledge, but there is much more. There are also "best practices", that is, the procedures, specific to each pilot, as well as the equipment and technologies that can help pilots fly more safely. There are also human factors as well as our ability to properly analyze our environment and make the right decisions at the right time. The Laplante-Duggan Fund for Aviation Safetywill fund training, awareness campaigns on various topics related to aviation safety, promote good practices, publicize tools and technologies that can help pilots be safer and safer. The program will target both young and more experienced pilots. Young pilots often lack the experience and knowledge to cope with the different situations they may face, but many of the more experienced, over time, have developed bad habits or, perhaps, forgotten some of the knowledge required to fly safely. This fund will provide all pilots with the knowledge and tools they need and encourage them to follow good practices at all times. This fund will help prevent families from experiencing the tragedy of an accident. That's what Claude and James would have liked.

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